About Us

Craig's Big Garage is your first stop for any parts you need for your ride. Your needs are very important to us, so we always look for the most popular and best parts to satisfy your requirements.


We will answer all your questions in detail and will make time for you. We are always on the cutting edge and are able to offer you excellent prices on current stock.


Our background includes membership in SEMA since the mid 80's and years of hands-on practical applications in manufacturing and restoration.  Our many years of experience and know-how have shown that quality counts.  That's what we are geared toward!


Our inventory changes constantly.  We are always finding products that, as enthusiasts and hand-on people ourselves, are the items we'd be looking for!


Also, we offer personal service.  If you can't find or don't see what you want, contact us, we may have some stashed away or know where to find them!